Secure mobile registration

  • Bennington State Bank’s Mobile Banking services, including our apps, mobile-web interface, and SMS text message banking, are tied to our online banking system
  • To log into Mobile Banking, customers will use the same user ID and password as they use for Online Banking
  • Mobile Banking only allows one registration per customer

Tips to maintain mobile security

  • To help protect your phone from unauthorized use, create a pass code to access the phone
  • Download and apply security updates and patches to your mobile browser whenever they are made available, these are designed to protect you from security risks
  • To prevent viruses or other unwanted problems, do not open any attachments you receive via text or email from unknown or untrustworthy sources
  • Do not install software from unknown sources
  • Limit unauthorized access to your mobile phone. Never leave your device unattended during an open mobile banking session
  • Never save your Online Banking user ID and password on your mobile device
  • Always sign out when you have completed your mobile banking activities
  • If your phone is lost or stolen, contact your wireless carrier immediately to stop your wireless service

Identity theft

Consumer awareness information

  • Create unique password for online banking that you do not use anywhere else
  • Avoid using personal information in passwords
  • Do not use the password auto save feature on your browser
  • Change your password frequently
 Personal Computer
  • Always sign out or log off
  • Update software frequently and keep your operating system current
  • Install and activate a personal firewall
  • Activate the automatic update feature
  • Set your browser’s security level to the default setting or higher
ID Theft Tips
  • Review statements promptly and carefully
  • If you use online banking, check your bank accounts daily
  • Shred receipts, paper statements, expired cards and other documents that contain personal information
  • Periodically check your credit reports
ATM Safety
  • Be aware of people and your surroundings
  • Observe the card reader and do not use if it appears damaged
Additional information:

Annual Credit Report
Federal Trade Commission Privacy & Security
Federal Trade Commission ID Theft